Creating Loading Scene at Slick2D

As fresh java programmer, at first try to have basics, then do it through an example and then you are expert (use professional libraries for your projects).

Basics #

Core Example #

Open Source Library #

EDIT: Regarding loading Scene in SLick

Slick provides a way to get this loading bar style initialisation – called deferred loading. When deferred loading is enabled all the calls to load resoures (images, sounds, music, fonts etc) are wrapped in the library to load only the explicit data required for the resource immediately.
public void render(GameContainer container, Graphics g) {
g.drawString(“Loaded: “+lastLoaded, 100, 100);

public void update(GameContainer container, int delta) throws SlickException {
if (LoadingList.get().getRemainingResources() > 0) {
DeferredResource nextResource = LoadingList.get().getNext();
lastLoaded = nextResource.getDescription();
} else {
// loading is complete, do normal updat ehere

For more details, go through the followings