How to make a Successful Mobile Game

A Successful Mobile Game should have the following characteristics

  • Very simple Story line
  • The game has to be easy to learn and understand (People do not spend much time to learn mobile games)
  • Models and textures which have an unique look, but still follow consistent themes
  • Little input, Big output (Simple but huge amount of feedback)
  • Physics based game play (Physics give much variations on same input)
  • A bright, fun, cartoon y and cute visual style
  • Well-chosen color palettes which support the mood of the game
  • Lightning which is used to set and enhance the mood of each scenario
  • Player should be constantly rewarded
  • Hide an unexpectedness feature
  • Scenarios which look diverse, but still fit together
  • Motivate users to play with stick and carrot policy
  • Huge amount of levels but very short to play

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